March 8, 2010

We are an Organisation for FAMILY's !
The name is


Founded by Joe C Estrada to help family's create wealth in every area of their lives by being an umbrella organisation for 21st century answers & knowledge that is available. 


Joe founded GET BUZZY initially for 2 reasons that are dear to a parents heart for their children's FUTURE. They want for them to be HAPPY and HEALTHY !


    To go a little further if this strikes a cord with you that our children achieve their dreams and goals and that they have the financial education where needed ... to live the life they have imagined.

5. Health and Fitness ...2 different things.

Health is an area that has always been important to Joe from his childhood and this is why he formed MADMARTIALARTISTS & MADSPORTSPEOPLE to be M.A.D. - MAKE A DIFFERENCE, by helping people take action on their health and ideally in their community's. 


Joe started his martial arts training in 1973 in the Royal Navy and from 1993 ran and built clubs in Sydney, Australia to an attendance of 1500 students training weekly and in the London area, UK guided an organisation in his care, with his instructors and promotional people to a high of 6588 students training in a week and at the same time he helped his managers and promotions team improve their lifestyles, finances, health, passion and motivation, through research and the introduction of 21st century education & information.     

March 7, 2010

KIDS are OUR Future ... EDUCATE them to SUCCEED ... and have wealth in every area of life !!


In 2007 ......................... Joe saw a need for what he had been teaching, be in the hands of everyone especially our Kids and their parents for a better future and society. He wrote "Millionaire mind at 9" to highlight the need for change and to address the "Lack of Financial Education" and need for our children to have this to reduce poverty and financial struggles.



The AIM's of GET BUZZY are to help give solutions to family's to address what many say they lack... LACK of ...TIME or MONEY ...for the Family ...for Yourself ... for Health....YOU can have

11. THIS is ALL of OUR Futures !!!

Many people and organisations are actively addressing this need and message. Joe has networked and taken his vision and solutions to schools, colleges, business people, banks and charitable institututions and EVERYONE gets the need for CHANGE and investment in OUR Kids, for ALL OUR Futures !!

12. GET BUZZY EDUCATION is open to join for ... ALL M.A.D. People !!

GET BUZZY - M.S.I. Multiple Sources of Income Financial EDUCATION. An Answer ...for ENDING POVERTY !!


GET BUZZY AMBITION COACH's teach Martial Arts or a Sport in your local area and are facilitators of the MONEYCLEVER M3 Club - Get buzzy M.S.I. Financial Education program. This program has been put together from years of experience and research. The MONEYCLEVER Club classes are set out as classes to introduce Multiple Sources of Income that you already know of, and are put in a simple practical way to give you information and ideas from years of research. We do not give financial advice, we only introduce a program and process for you and your children to learn to be forearmed for the future. * We offer adult programs as facilitators and coachs at   


GET BUZZY AMBITION COACH's offer 2 classes ...
1. Get Buzzy Martial Arts & M.A.D.Martial Artists - Health, Personal Safety and Martial Arts or Sports.
2. MONEY CLEVER M3 Club - "Get Buzzy M.S.I. 21st century Financial Education"